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Feature & Level Surveys

Accurate topographical information typically used by building designers, town planners and engineers to ensure subdivisions and design works accord with site features. Surveys can include services and neighbouring property details.

Land & Building Subdivision

Subdivision is the process of creating new Certificates of Titles from existing parcels of land. This enabling the individual sale of these new lots. Buildings can also be subdivided into separate titles for the sale of apartments, offices, retail lots and car parking.

Title Re-establishment Surveys

The determination of property boundaries, dimensions, areas, ownership, associated rights, restrictions and interests in the property.

A surveyor, who is registered as a licensed surveyor under the Surveying Act 2004, is the only person authorised to perform cadastral surveys in Victoria.

Consolidation of Titles

The process of combining adjoining Titles. Requires an application to me made to Council then a process which ends in a Statement of Compliance being issued. The Plan of Consolidation will ultimately be Registered at Land Victoria with a new Title issued.

Engineering & Road Surveys

Accurate surveys for volume determination and the design of civil structures including roads, bridges and drainage.

GPS Surveys

Accurate and efficient collection of topographic data for large scale projects can be managed efficiently through the use of modern survey grade GPS technology for large scale data collection.

Hydrographic Surveys

Accurate measurement of subsurface topography and description of features which affect maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging and related activities.

Town Planning Services

Review of Council planning controls relating to the site, and preparation of reports for the proposed development to be lodged with Council.

The Planning Permit will detail conditions that need to be satisfied to gain compliance from Council.